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Tabatha Gatson-Washington

My name is Tabatha Gatson-Washington and I'm 44 yrs old. I have a 24 yr old son and a 10 yr old son. I spent 15 years in the Healthcare Industry and have always been a gym rat, working on my daily fitness lifestyle. I became a Certified Fitness Trainer a few years ago and also teach Group Fitness Classes. I am currently training for my 1st Figure Competition and also aspire to work as a Fitness model/persona.

In my early 20's, I began training as a Figure Competitor, but became ill and couldn't continue. Life took over and after 22 years of dedication to family and career, I decided it was time to follow my life-long dream.
My motivation in not only inspiring others, but I get so energized and pumped when I train and accomplish challenges, that people 20 years my junior have trouble succeding at. I love being strong with no fear, but also soft and feminine at the same time. The best of both worlds.

My advice to others, is always be true to yourself and treat your body as the temple it was meant to be. Pay attention to what you put into it, as well as giving it the care and concern it so richly deserves with regular exercise.

My very 1st competition is in 4 weeks, so if I had to choose a body part I'm most concerned with it, would be my hips as with most women. I don't have a favorite, as I go hard and as often as possible on all my body parts.

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